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不論是做gel甲還是長期塗指甲油,都會令指甲被覆蓋,未能健康呼吸,除了要讓指甲有透氣的時間,休養生息外,養肝同樣重要!中醫認為肝的主要生理功能是「主疏泄、藏血。」,同時「爪為筋之餘」。爪即指甲、趾甲,與肝有密切的關係。指甲依賴肝臟精血的濡養,所以指甲能直接反映體內狀況。指甲健康的狀態是堅韌、紅潤帶光澤,反映著精血充足;不健康的狀態是軟而薄,枯燥沒有光澤,容易脆裂,甚至整片分離, 就反映到精血不足。


Getting gel nails done is causing dryness at edge of your nails
Whether its gel nails or just prolonged use of nail polish, your nails are covered and not getting breathing room. You need to give your nails time to breath and rest, and maintaining your liver is equally important. Chinese medicine believes that the main biological functions of the liver are to control dispersion and store blood, and there’s also a saying ‘claws are extension of tendons’. The claws in this case refer to finger and toe nails, and they are closely tied to your liver. Your nails rely on the ability of your liver to nourish your blood, and condition of your nails directly reflect health of your body. Healthy nails are tough with a pinkish shine, reflecting health of your overall essence and blood. Unhealthy nails are soft and thin, dry without shine and easy to chip, meaning lack of essence in your blood.
Tea Remedy to nourish blood and have beautiful nails
Ingredients: salvia root 9g, lily bulbs 12g, ophiopogon tuber 9g, honey to taste
Prepration: Add 900ml of water into pot, add in rinsed ingredients, and cook on high heat until boiling. Then turn to low heat and simmer for 15 minutes, and pour all contents into a thermos. Tea can be rebrewed 3-4 times, and you can wait until it’s cooled down or weakened in flavor to add honey for taste.
Effects: Promotes blood circulation and nourishes yin. Relieves weak nails that breaks easily and absent-mindedness.
Note: Not suitable for pregnant or menstruating women.


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