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Dos and don’ts of eating pears during fall
“It is often said that pears can promote fluid production and relieve dryness. I decided to eat a pear every day during autumn, but I have been having diarrhea recently. Are pears not good for me?” 

CheckCheckCin: From the perspective of Chinese medicine, pear is cold in nature, has the effect of promoting fluid production, relieving dryness, clearing heat, relieving cough and clearing phlegm. It is suitable for eating during the dry autumn to relieve autumn dryness, but also should be done based on your body condition. If you have heat-related symptoms such as reddish complexion, ear redness, dry mouth, sore throat, constipation, pimples, canker sores, you can eat pear to balance it out. If you have cold-related symptoms such as aversion to cold, pale complexion, cold limbs, loose stool, weak spleen and stomach, more acid reflux or cold wind flu, you should not eat too much. You should avoid eating pear during menstruation.
Diet adjustment should focus on balance. In addition to eating pears during autumn, you can also eat apples, grapes, figs and other fruits that are mild in nature, which also have the effect of promoting fluid production and relieving dryness.

Fruits that are suitable to eat during autumn:
Cold in nature- pear, persimmon, loquat 
Mild in nature- apple, grape, fig
Hot in nature- pomegranate

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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