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1. 南杏、北杏和白米洗淨,用水浸泡2小時,瀝乾備用。
2. 南杏、北杏和白米加入水,用攪拌機攪拌成漿,杏仁漿放入隔渣袋過渣,擠出杏仁汁。
3. 杏仁汁倒入鍋中,以武火煮至微滾,調至文火煮10分鐘,加入冰糖煮至溶化。
4. 熄火,倒入蛋白攪拌成蛋花即成。

Get into whitening mode during autumn
How much darker is your skin tone after soaking in the summer sun? If you want to find your fair skin back, take advantage of fall weather when the uv rays from the sun weaken and start a series of whitening actions. Lungs correspond with autumn and white colored food can enter the lungs according to Chinese medicine theories. Have more white colored ingredients to moisten the lungs and whiten your skin. 

White colored food that can moisturise the lungs and whiten your skin
Pear, snow fungus, Chinese yam, lily bulb, chuan bei, ginkgo nuts, sweet almonds

Almond tea with egg white
Effects: improves skin quality and whitens skin, moistens the lungs and loosens the bowels to relieve constipation. It is especially suitable for people with weak lung qi.
Ingredients: 80g sweet almonds, 20g bitter almonds, 20g white rice, 1000ml water, 2 egg white, appropriate amounts of rock sugar
1. Rinse sweet almonds, bitter almonds and white rice. Soak with water for 2 hours, then drain water thoroughly and set aside.
2. Add sweet almonds, bitter almonds and white rice to the water, blend into slurry texture, and put the almond paste into the filter bag to slag and squeeze out the almond juice.
3. Pour the almond juice into the pan on high heat until gently boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Add rock sugar and cook until melted.
4. Turn off the flame, pour in the egg white and stir into the mixture.
Note: not suitable for those recovering from a cold/flu, prone to diarrhea, or with phlegm body condition.

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