November 26, 2017

【鼻敏感發作】唔好問我尋晚發生咩事… ???




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Woke up with a swollen face?
People with nasal allergy understand this very well- when the temperature drops, the allergies will attack without warning. As soon as you wake up, you first sneeze uncontrollable, and then your nose becomes very red from all the wiping. As the weather cools, you also try to dig up your winter clothes and dusts get everywhere and even your eyes suffer with allergies. People with nasal allergies typically have poor blood circulation and already have big dark eye circles. Coupled with onset of allergies, eyes may itch and become red as well and after a morning of struggle, the entire face may be quite swollen. Aside from taking antihistamines, try pressing on this emergency nasal allergy relief acupuncture point! It can help to relieve sudden onset of stuffed nose, itchy nose, and improves respiratory qi and blood circulation.

Emergency nasal allergy relieve point- Ying Xiang Point
Location: at the level of the midpoint of the lateral part of the nasal wing
Effects: expels wind, clears stuffed nose and stops runny nose. Relieves symptoms associated with nasal allergies such as itchy nose, stuffed and runny nose, sneezing.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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