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蒜頭 — 性溫味辛,具暖胃、行氣、降血壓、降血脂、殺菌功效,適合感冒病人食用,能紓緩初起的風寒感冒、食滯等症狀。由於屬性溫熱,陰虛火旺、身體有偏熱症狀如口瘡、暗瘡、喉嚨痛者不宜食用。素患眼疾者亦不宜。

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The cause of garlic’s spiciness
Garlic is a condiment commonly used in steamed, fried, and cooked dishes. Have you ever tasted raw garlic? Besides its pungent taste, fresh garlic also gives off a spicy sensation which not everyone would consider pleasant. The strong aftertaste would deter some people away from it.

While fried garlic emits a nice fragrance, the spiciness in fresh garlic on the other hand is intense. Why is this so? This is because such spiciness comes from a compound called allicin, which will be released when the garlic cells are destroyed. Allicin has anti-bacterial properties and is able to enhance one’s immunity, but once heated, the compound will decrease in quantity, hence reducing the spicy sensation.

In order for the body to fully absorb the allicin, we are encouraged to eat garlic in its natural form. What if we do not like the burning sensation? Try grinding the garlic into paste form, then drizzle heated cooking oil on. So long as the cooking period is kept to a minimum, we should be able to retain the allicin.

Garlic is warm in nature, can warm both the spleen and the stomach, improve qi stagnation, and help relieve cold and flu at the initial stage. Nevertheless, individuals with heat related body conditions should not consume garlic in a large quantity.

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