May 30, 2018

【星期四食材 – 椰子 vs 椰青 vs 椰皇】



椰皇 - 生長日數較短的椰子樹果實,水滴形的外觀,主要用來飲椰水或做甜品。

椰青 - 生長日數比椰皇長約一星期的椰子樹果實,青綠色光滑外皮,用刀削去表皮就是大家在餐廳見到白色起角椰青的模樣,椰水較多,椰肉較椰子嫩滑但椰香稍遜。

椰子 - 成熟的椰子樹果實,啡色毛茸茸外殼,椰水較少但味道較濃,多數用來煲湯;椰肉已成熟變硬,多數加工後製成椰汁、椰奶和椰漿。

Having a coconut during the summer feels great. When you walk by the market and see a brown fury coconut, is it the same as the coconut you just had? Then there’s the small baby version too, what are the differences? All three are seeds of the coconut three, but they differ in age. They are all cold in nature, can clear heat and relieve summer heat, promote fluid production and relieve thirst, strengthen the heart and promote diuresis.

Young coconut – grown for just a short period of time with a water drop shape, and mainly used for coconut water or desserts.

Green coconut – grown for longer than young coconut for about a week, with an outer green smooth skin. If you remove the outer green skin, then it becomes the commonly seen coconut served in restaurants. It has more coconut juice, and the meat is softer, but the aroma is not as strong.

Brown coconut- mature seed with outer fury brown shell. It has less water but flavor is stronger, and mostly used for soup. The meat is already tough so most are processed to become coconut juice or coconut milk.

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