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• 食慾變差,口淡
• 老是感覺胸悶、胃脹,飯後特別嚴重
• 眼睛、臉或四肢浮腫
• 身體困重,提不起勁
• 大便質偏軟或稀爛,臭味不明顯
• 女性帶下量偏多,色白或透明,無味
• 痰多、口黏

Feeling swollen with water first thing in the morning?
You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see a swollen face and eyes. Then you press on your legs and it takes a while for the pressed spot to go back to normal, that’s when you know it must be edema. A lot of things can cause edema- drinking too much water before you sleep or eating overly salty food during your dinner are examples. But if you find yourself with this problem frequently, and you notice that you have a hard time losing weight where you don’t eat a lot and still have a rounded body with loose muscles, then you may have phlegm and dampness body constitution. This type of fat is just puffiness. Consider that our spleen is supposed to dispel all the extra water in our bodyes, but when the spleen is not functioning accordingly, the water naturally retains in the body. When you eat strong flavored or cold/raw foods, you are adding to the spleen’s workload and edema will intensify too. It’s as if you have a wet towel on your body, it adds to your body weight and causes fatigue. Want to relieve edema? Start by nourishing the spleen and stomach, remove that thick and damp towel, and say good bye to puffiness!
How do you know if you have phlegm and dampness constitution? If are experiencing more than 3 of the below list of symptoms, then start strengthening your spleen to remove dampness to reduce the puffiness!
– Decrease in appetite, tastelessness in mouth
– Frequent tightness in chest, abdominal bloatedness especially after meal
– Swollen eyes, face or limbs
– Heaviness in the body and general lack of energy
– Stool texture is soft or runny, not particularly smelly

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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