September 11, 2017






How do you stop the swelling?
In an effort to improve swelling, a lot of people drink a cup of black coffee every morning to increase the rate of water removal. But coffee is warm in nature and may not be suitable for all body types. You can actually pay attention to a lot minor details in your everyday life. The first step starts with dietary and lifestyle habits and perhaps you can already escape from the torture of edema!
– Have more coarse grains or drink a cup of rice water daily to condition the spleen and stomach
– Eat lighter and bland foods ant have your meals at regular times
– Appropriately consume foods that can strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness such as Chinese yam, purple haricot, fresh smilax
– Do aerobic exercises appropriately to encourage sweating and to give the brain a rest
– Eat more frequently and less during each meal
– Eating cold and raw foods frequently
– Suddenly consume a lot of fried, oily and heavy flavored foods
– Overwork your brain and think too much
– Sitting near air-conditioning vents

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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