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「春天不努力,夏天徒傷悲」,想在夏天以自信的身形示人,新年過後就要開始努力修身了!想減肥事半功倍,從中醫角度來看一切也要從體質開始,分辨你屬實胖或是虛胖,配合體質特性調節飲食和運動,效果更相得益彰。如果不清楚自己屬於哪種體質,不妨打開CheckCheckCin App查看,或者諮詢註冊中醫師了解。祝大家鼠年減肥順利!骨肉均稱!容光煥發!身體健康!




Fat burn for obesity
If you want to show off your body in the summer, you can start to make more effort to lose weight after Chinese new year! If you want to lose weight more effectively, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, you should start with understanding your body condition and figure out you are obesed or asthenic weight. Adjust your diet and exercise according to your body condition to have better results. If you are not sure what kind of body condition you have, you can check by using the CheckCheckCin App, or consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner to know more. We wish you all a smooth year of losing weight! Glow and be healthy!

Phlegm and dampness type obesity
Characteristic: poor appetite, phlegm, tight chest, frequently fatigued, edema, loose muscles, bloated limbs, loose stools
Causes: the spleen and stomach are compromised, and insufficien qi is not enough to promote fluid circulation, and the dampness in the body can cause phlegm which causes obesity.
Weight loss rules: dispel dampness to strengthen spleen and stomach, eat more ingredients that can strengthen spleen and stomach such as white hyacinth bean, poria, Chinese yam. Eat more frequently and less during each meal. Avoid cold/raw food and drinks.
Appropriate exercises: high-intensity exercise such as running, swimming, rope skipping, ball game, gym, etc., or hot yoga as sweating can help dispel dampness from the body.

Damp heat obesity
Characteristics : with a large appetite, frequently fatigued, dark yellowish urine with low volume, sticky and smelly stool, excessive facial oil, prone to pimple, body odor, yellowish discharge with heavy odor
Causes: eating too much oily fried and thick sauced foods, or frequently drinking alcohol, coffee and milk tea will cause damp heat in the body. In addition to edema caused by dampness, gain weight also occurs due to poor eating habits.
Weight loss rules: clear heat and dispel dampness. Eat more ingredients that can clear heat and promote diuresis such as mung bean, lotus leaf, coix seed. Avoid excessive eating, drink less alcohol, eat less oily and fatty food.
Appropriate exercises: high-intensity aerobic exercise, such as running, rope skipping, ball games. Sweating can help dispel dampness from the body.

Qi stagnation obesity
Characteristic: frequent sighing, depressed, difficulty falling asleep, irregular stools, prone to menstrual pain or breast tenderness for women
Causes: poor qi and blood circulation and tendency relieve stress by eating
Weight loss rules: regulate qi and relieve stress, eat more ingredients that can regulate qi such as lotus root, white radish, dried citrus peel and rose. Eat and drink less spicy foods, tea or coffee.
Appropriate exercises: high-intensity exercise such as running, rope skipping, ball game, gym, etc. Muay Thai is also a good choice, which can relieve liver qi through exercise

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