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Fat burn for those with asthenic weight
Weight loss may be a lifetime mission, but some people cannot improve their weight no matter how hard they try. They eat less but are still chubby. After eating too much during the holidays, they gain weight very quickly. In fact, this type of people may have asthenic weight, which means loose and bloated muscles. Let’s see if you belong to this type of asthenic weight and handle it by proper methods.

Qi deficiency asthenic weight
Characteristics: shortness of breath, prone to dizziness, teeth marks on the side of tongue, abdominal bloating after eating a little, excessive sweating, bloated face, loose muscles, hard to distinguish between obesity or edema
Causes: qi is the energy of the body. A person with qi deficiency does not enough energy to absorb nutrients and dispel waste.
Weight loss rules: replenish qi and strengthen your body. Appropriately consume ingredients that can replenish qi such as codonopsis root, astragalus root, radix pseudostellariae and potato. Avoid cold/raw and spicy food. 
Appropriate exercises: low-intensity, such as Tai Chi, walking, stretching, etc. Remember to do it step by step.

Yang deficiency asthenic weight
Characteristics: aversion to cold, shortness of breath, bloated face, abdominal bloating, loose stools, frequent unexplained sweating and urinating frequently at night
Causes: insufficient thermal energy in the body, slow metabolism, and easy accumulation of fat.
Weight loss rules: improve yang qi, eat more ingredients that can nourish yang, such as lamb, ginger, cordyceps, Korean ginseng, etc. Avoid cold/raw food and drinks.
Appropriate exercises: low-intensity exercise, such as Tai Chi, walking, stretching, etc. You can also take a walk and jog in the sun to increase yang qi. Remember to do it step by step.
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