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Having a bad temper can cause qi stagnation?
Every mother understands that kids (sometimes husbands too) can be so naughty that it becomes irritating, and sometimes you even feel like you will lose your patience and become angry at your kids or husband. Ever wonder though the emotions might be body constitution related? Those who often experience irritability, abdominal pain and gas, frequent farting, or stool that changes from solid to runny in same bowel movement, you may have qi stagnation body constitution! Those who are easily affected by emotions over time, and added with frequent consumption of raw and cold foods, may go from qi stagnation to asthenic blood body constitution. Then you may see more blemishes on your face or even have dark eye circles. In reality, your kids (or husband) may not be that rebellious, and moms just need to relax and find a suitable way to relieve the heightened emotions and try not to be too stubborn and anxious. Try having some floral tea and eat foods that promotes qi and blood circulation such as lotus root and eggplants, then you might not get mad so easily!
Try a sip of zen floral tea:
Ingredients: A bit of Silk Tree Albizia Flower and Jasmine Flower
Preparation method: Place all ingredients into a thermos and steep in hot water for 5 minutes.
Effects: Relieve stress and regulate qi, alleviate depression and calms the mind. Alleviates moodiness, tightness in chest and insomnia.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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