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Improve the yang energy to get rid of Spring fatigue

People will inevitably get tired easily and feel lazy during spring. It might be spring fatigue! What you said is partially correct, as the dampness in spring can indeed cause us to feel tired. A severe case of spring fatigue might be a sign that your body is weak, and you should undergo the necessary treatment. If an individual lacks yang qi, then he or she might be prone to suffer from spring fatigue. How do we know if our body lacks yang qi? Let’s take a look at the symptoms below:
☐cold limbs and body
☐aversion to cold
☐tastelessness, do not want to drink water
☐excessive sleepiness and laziness
☐prone to diarrhea at early hours
☐pale complexion
☐high volume of urine
☐loose stool or stool with undigested food

If your body exhibits at least three of the following symptoms, then your body belongs to the yang-deficient condition.
During spring, our yang qi emerges in the natural world. The way to care for our health should be adjusted according to changes of the four seasons, so we could maintain the yin-yang balance. Hence, it is beneficial to strengthen yang energy during spring. Adjust our lifestyle habits during spring so we can strengthen yang qi and reduce the effect of spring fatigue on our body.

.“Spring cover”
There is a tradition called the “spring cover”, or known as ‘Chun Wu’ in Mandarin, which means individuals should not remove clothes too early when the temperature rises. This can help us avoid falling sick due to the seasonal change.

.Sleep late and wake up early
Go to bed between 11pm and 1am, and wake up around sunrise.

.Comb hair in the morning
The head is the center of the yang energy, hence combing hair can help strengthen yang qi.

.Spend more time outdoor
Breathe fresh air in an open space, and do some stretching exercises.

.Be exposed to an appropriate amount of sun
Bask in the warmth of the sun in the morning and evening but not during noon. Make sure the sun warms the back, because the back represents the yang, and the abdomen represents the yin.

.Beware of cold air
Avoid being blown directly by the air-conditioner. Prepare a scarf in the office to keep you warm.

.Massage the ‘Bai Hui’ acupoint
The ‘Bai Hui’ acupoint is located 5 inches from the forelock in the middle of the head, and the center point in which the tips of both ears meet. Massage the acupoint with your fingers to help replenish the yang qi and activate the brain.

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