November 22, 2017


CheckCheckCin:口中有時會覺得有點鹹,又或是痰和口水有鹹味,原來都代表了你身體出現了問題,最有可能的原因是腎虛,所以也有可能和你的鹹濕有關!由於鹹味與腎應對,口中有鹹味就是腎的問題,假如你同時也有咽喉乾燥、頭暈耳鳴、腰膝痠軟,而晚上睡不好的話就是腎陰虛;而有怕冷、夜尿頻繁、精神欠佳及乏力,就是腎陽虛,雖然都是腎虛,但是解決的方法卻大不同,腎陰虛要滋陰降火,而腎陽虛則要溫補腎陽,而且腎虛的原因很多,當然你虛耗過多會有影響,但也有可能是因為久病、虛火上升等,不想連個口都鹹,就要好好養腎啦! 現已入冬,可以適量進食黑豆、黑芝麻、核桃等食材。


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Why do I have a salty taste in my mouth?
CheckCheckCin: When you occasionally have salty taste in mouth or when your phlegm and saliva taste salty, it means you most likely have asthenic kidney. The taste of saltiness and your kidney is connected and if you are also experiencing dry throat, dizziness, tinnitus, weakness in your lower back and knees, and poor sleep quality, then you have asthenic kidney yin. If you have aversion to cold, frequent night urination, and fatigue, then you have asthenic kidney yang. Although both situations are asthenic kidney, the solution are quite different. Asthenic kidney yin requires nourishing yin and dispelling heat, and asthenic kidney yang requires replenishing kidney yang. A lot of things can contribute to asthenic kidney. When you over exhaust your body or have a chronic illness, you need to remember to take care of your kidney. We are now well into winter, you can also appropriately have some black beans, black sesame, and walnut type of food.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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