June 1, 2018




材料:蘋果、百香果、西瓜、奇異果、紅茶包 1個、韓式柚子醬或任何果醬(以手工果醬為佳)適量

1. 蘋果去芯切粒、百香果切開挖出果肉、西瓜及奇異果去皮切粒備用。
2. 紅茶包加入熱水泡成紅茶。
3. 紅茶中加入韓式柚子醬或果醬拌勻,然後加入所有水果即可。

DIY fruit tea for summer heat
Summer arrived earl this year and the intense heat can cause some people to lose their appetites. A cup of sour yet sweet fruit tea may relieve the lack of appetite! Fruit choices in the a fruit tea can be based on personal preference and just add in what you can find at home!
Ingredients: apples, passionfruit, watermelon, kiwi, 1 black teabag , small amounts of Korean yuzu sauce or any fruit jam (preferably home made)
1. Core apples and dice. Cut open passionfruit and take out the flhes. Peel watermelon and kiwi and dice.
2. Add in hot water and steep with teabag to make black tea.
3. Add in yuzu sauce or jam and mix well. Then add in all fruits.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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