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Chinese medicine says to sleep late during spring?
Ancient Chinese medicine books do reference ‘sleeping late and waking up’ during spring, but ‘late’ in ancient times isn’t equivalent to the modern middle of the night. Most people farm for a living at the time- they start work at sunrise and rest at sunset, most people go to bed after sunset. As to where sleeping late during spring came from? It is because the day is longer during spring. The sun rises earlier so you would wake up earlier than in the winter; the sun also sets later, so naturally, based on working habits surrounding sun rising and setting, people tend to sleep later during spring. Please do not have the misconception of Chinese medicine suggests people should have late nights in the spring time!
▶︎Tea remedy for those with late nights:
▶︎Ingredients: Ginseng 3g, ophiopogon tuber 10g, goji berries 10g
▶︎Preparation: Rinse all ingredients and put into a thermos and add hot water. Steep for 20 minutes, this tea may be re-brewed until its flavour weakens. For best results, drink for 2-3 days consecutively.
▶︎Effects: Nourishes yin, clears heat, and promotes fluid secretion. Relieves symptoms of dry eyes, thirst and canker sores.
Note: Suitable for people with heat-related symptoms.

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