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Getting hemorrhoids from sitting on seats with leftover heat
When travelling on a public transport, we would want to immediately occupy a seat that has been vacated by another passenger, but one might worry about the leftover heat he or she left behind. While waiting for the heat to dissipate, we would reserve the seat by ‘squatting’ above it, because our mothers told us, once we are in contact with the residual heat, we might contract hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoids refer to the vascular structures in the anal canal, and these structures can form flesh cushions, whereby blood and pain might be present, affecting the passing of stools. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, it is caused by dryness and heat, the accumulation of the damp-heat pathogens, stagnation of the blood and qi, as well as the overexertion of pressure during natural childbirth.

Hemorrhoids are not contagious. In fact, it is a common symptom, nothing to be ashamed of. Nevertheless, do take note of the pointers below: 1) Be watchful of the condition of the stools, make sure we are able to pass motion smoothly; 2) do not spend too much time in the toilet, waiting to ‘release’ the stools; 3) when hemorrhoids occur, avoid eating hot, spicy and greasy food; 4) if bleeding happens, stay calm and enjoy a cup of the snow pear and sugarcane drink to relieve the condition. If such condition persists, consult Chinese physicians and work out the best remedy for you.

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