August 14, 2018




1. 盡量早睡:晚上11時前入睡,熟睡狀態下讓膽、肝、肺能順利當值,完成新陳代謝,排走舊血,製造新血。
2. 記得食早餐:辰時(7-9am)為胃經循行時間,血氣流注於胃,此時胃的消化力最強,營養能輸送到各器官滋養臟腑的最佳時刻。飲食忌生冷,減低脾胃負擔。
3. 適時補充水份:例如申時(3-5pm)是膀胱經循行時間,補充水份有助排走體內廢物。
4. 入睡前放鬆心情:靜心養氣,做一些靜態的活動讓自己身心放鬆,如散步、看書、打坐。

Healthy habits for working people
People can get really busy and not many can truly achieve ‘working when the sun rises, and rest when the sun sets’. Living according to the ‘midnight-noon and ebb-flow doctrine’ can be challenging especially for people in Hong Kong as hours can be quite long. So what are some ways working people can do to be healthy?
1. Try to sleep as early as possible: Sleep by 11pm, during deep sleep, allow gallbladder, liver, and lungs to work according to their duty time to complete metabolism, get rid of old blood to make new.
2. Remember to eat breakfast: the stomach meridian flows between 7-9am, blood qi will flow to the stomach and digestive functions are strongest during this time. Nutrients can be properly transported to all the major organs properly. Avoid cold/raw foods to decrease burden on the spleen and stomach.
3. Replenish your fluids appropriately: the bladder meridian flows between 3-5pm, and having sufficient fluids can help to remove waste from the body.
4. Relax before bed time: calm down and nourish your qi, do static activities to allow yourself to relax. These include taking a walk, reading, or just sitting.

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