January 8, 2018



✔ 喝杯驅寒炒米水或暖笠笠的肉桂橙米水
✔ 要保持雙腳、頭和頸部溫暖
✔ 早餐不要吃冷冰冰的水果或乳酪,吃點溫暖的東西如粥、米粉或麥皮!
✔ 腳板也要保暖記得穿襪子或襪褲呀
✔ 明晚可以打邊爐,先吃菜再吃肉,加一點蒜蓉在醬料中,惹味又驅寒!

The temperature this week will drop dramatically to below 10 degrees, remember to stay warm!

✔drink a cup of fried rice water or warming cinnamon orange rice water to dispel cold
✔keep your feet, head and neck warm
✔don’t eat cold things such as yogurt or fruits for breakfast, opt for warm dishes such as congee, rice noodle or oatmeal
✔keep the bottom of your feet warm with socks or stockings
✔you can have hot pot tomorrow. Have some vegetables first then have some meat, add some garlic into your sauce- it’s tasty and can dispel cold!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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