April 11, 2020



受肺炎疫情影響,近月來不少人都過著Work from home(WFH)的日子,從前每天在公司上班會嚮往WFH的美好時光,但原來長期WFH日子並不好過!工作和生活上的種種不便令人壓力大增,又不能出外透透氣,宅在家的你會做甚麼疏肝解鬱悶呢?以下疏肝四式你都有做嗎?

.網購 / 將心儀貨品加入購物車

.吸貓 / 寵物 / 嬰兒



4 ways to relax at home
Working from home (WFH) has become increasingly common in the wake of Covid-19. You used to look forward to the good times of WFH every day when sitting at the office, but it turns out that the long-term WFH days are not that great! The various inconveniences in work and daily life become stressful, and you can not go out to take a break. What can you do at home to reduce stress? Have you tried the following four ways to relax?

.Online shopping / Adding products to your shopping cart
The time you spend at home has greatly increased, corresponding to the increased frequency of online shopping. Many online stores have launched special discounts at this time. The online promo codes satisfy your shopping desire when you can not go out to shop. Online shopping is indeed one of the ways to reduce stress, but if you want to avoid impulsive shopping, you may wish to add your favorite items to the shopping cart, wait for three days to determine what are “must buy” and “not needes” items, to avoid excessive shopping.

.Sniffing cat / pet / baby
Cat lovers are in luck. “Cat sniffing” is an internet buzzword that means sniffing a cat to reduce stress because of its relieving fragrance. The situation is similar to a mother sniffing her baby. It will produce oxytocin which makes people feel good. If you have other pets, you may give it a try. If you do not have a pet, watching animal videos might also help!

Cleaning sounds annoying and boring, but it is actually a good way to reduce stress, because in addition to a refreshed home environment, it also brings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, which help people feel that “everything is under control”. When your mind feels chaotic, you may wish to put down the work at hand first and tidy up your home. The problem may be resolved.

.Trying new recipes
Cooking happens on a daily basis, but it is also a way to reduce stress. If you feel stressed at work, you may try cooking a new recipe. If you want to get the most satisfaction and sense of accomplishment, you may choose to make a less difficult but good looking cuisine. The good example is the trendy “Dalonga coffee”, use instant coffee, hot water and sugar to stir 400 times, you can make a very eye-catching milk foam caramel coffee, which is very satisfying.

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