August 9, 2017



性平,有小毒, 不宜常食。有收斂肺氣、止咳喘、止帶縮小便的功效。適量服用能改善肺氣虛弱而致的喘咳,舒緩婦女體弱有帶下過多、及改善尿頻等症狀。


On Monday, we posted about how you can know more about your body through your vaginal discharge. If you find that you are experiencing related symptoms, try improving your health through food based on your body constitution.
For those who are yang deficient or qi deficient, try eating foods that can strengthen the spleen and nourish the kidney, ginkgo is a good example.
Mild in nature but also contains slight pathogens so its not suitable to consume frequently. It calms lung qi, relieves cough, deceases vaginal discharge and reduce urination. When appropriately taken, it can alleviate asthmatic cough caused by weak lung qi, relieve weakness in ladies and high volume of vaginal discharge, and improve frequent urination.
*ancient books also noted that people used to prepare fried and cooked ginkgo to take prior to examination to avoid frequent urination during the test.
For those who are damp heat, try eating foods that clears heat and dispels dampness, luffa is a good example.
Cold in nature, it clears heat and removes toxins, reduces phlegm, stabilizes pregnancy and aids lactation. When taking appropriately, it can relieve summer-related symptoms such as dry mouth, cough with yellow phegm, alleviate high volume of vaginal discharge or discharge that has strong odor, and improve postpartum lactation difficulty.

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