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Damp heat bodies may attract mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are most active during summer. Some people seem to always get bitten by mosquitoes. Some people joke that the best way to prevent mosquito bites is to stand next to people who get bitten easily.
From Chinese medicine perspective, which body conditions are prone to mosquito bites? Mosquitoes prefer people with high body temperature, body odor, excessive sweating, smelly sweat. People with damp-heat body type are particularly prone to get bitten by mosquitoes. Body temperature of people with yin deficiency and internal heat body type are relatively high. They all have symptoms of flushed cheeks with hot flashes, feeling of irritating heat in palms of hand, bridge of feet, and chest. 
To avoid mosquito bites, in addition to using anti-mosquito products such as mosquito repellent or anti mosquito bracelet, it is recommended to improve your body condition. People with damp-heat body condition should clear heat and dispel dampness and eat more ingredients such as raw coix seed, mung bean, rice bean, smilax, winter melon, and try the ‘Very Hot (Qi)’ healing tea to condition the body. People with yin deficiency body type should avoid sleeping late and staying up late, eat more ingredients that can nourish yin and relieve dryness such as snow fungus, lily bulb, pear, honey, etc. Drinking ‘Very Dry’ healing tea can also help clear heat and nourish yin. If you go to an outdoor area with many mosquitoes, you can carry a DIY Chinese medicine herbs insect repellent. You can get the herbs from Chinese medicine store, and place into gauze bag or fish soup bag then tie up to use.

DIY Chinese medicine herbs insect repellent
Ingredients: 10g each of lemongrass, star anise, cumin, orange peel, mint, sweet flag grass
Preparation: crush all ingredients and place into gauze bag. Note when the aroma starts to decrease, you should replace with new to ensure its effectiveness.

✔Recommendation: ‘Very Hot (Qi)’ healing tea
Effects: clears heat and detoxifies, can relieve bad breath, frequent eye discharge, red and dry eyes, frequent loss of temper, scanty or yellowish urine.
Ingredients: Plumeria, chrysanthemum buds, Chinese prayer bead grass
Note: Pregnant women should consume based on body constitution. 

✔Recommendation: ‘Very Dry’ healing tea
Effects: relieves dryness and stops bleeding, can relieve dryness in nasal cavity and throat, frequent nosebleeds.
Ingredients: Cogongrass root, polygonatum, odoratum, dried pear

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