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6 bad habits that provokes dampness

Chinese medicine view dampness as the worst pathogen as dampness can permeate all parts of the body and can easily combine with other pathogens. Heavy dampness does not necessarily only happen during spring and summer. Many people have daily habits that can create dampness too. Take a look to see if you have these habits too.

1. You are also in an air-conditioned room
Air-conditioned room usually have dry air so where is the dampness coming from? When you are in a cool room, your pores close up and fluids within the body cannot be released. The fluids build up in the body and this is common in the summer too.

2. You sit without moving for long periods of time
If you are always sitting without moving, the body fluid flow will slow down and the dampness will build out. We suggest you get up and move every now and then.

3. You prefer cold/raw and heavy flavored food
These food add to the burden of your digestive system affecting your fluid metabolism which leads to build up of dampness. Lighter diets would be healthier for the body.

4. You dress showing a lot of meat
If you like mini skirts and spaghetti straps, you are prone to attack of dampness especially in fall and winter. Dampness combined with cold becomes dampness. If you like to walk around bare foot, dampness pathogen can attack from bottom of the feet too.

5. You sleep without drying your hair
If you sleep without drying your hair after washing, dampness can enter from your scalp.

6. You stay up late and party
Cold pathogen is more active at night and continued activity at night can damage yang qi so those with frequent late nights can have asthenic spleen. This affects transport of fluids. Alcohol can also lead to build up of dampness, create phlegm and affect the functions of the liver and spleen.

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