June 20, 2019





Summer Solstice is here!
This signifies the hot season is here which can bring more thunderstorms. Chinese medicine believes “summer nourishes heart” and “heart flows in summer qi”. The heart fire is strong in the summer. It is better to eat more salty food such as jellyfish, seaweed and venus clam to nourish heart. As you sweat more in the summer, salty food can supply the lost salt. You can also eat more sour food like tomato, papaya, grape and pineapple, to enhance the body protection function. Your diet should be light and not oily nor fatty. Do not over consume cold/raw food just because it is hot. Otherwise, your spleen and stomach functions may be affected which can lead to abdominal issues.
Do moderate exercise in the summer to nourish yang qi. As the weather is hot, it is better to do low-intensity exercise such as walking, jogging or Tai Chi in early morning or evening. Have water or light salt water to replenish body fluids. The temperature of water should not be too cold.
Gentle reminders:
.Eat watermelon, cold side dishes in moderation.
.Have rice water daily to strengthen spleen and dispel dampness.
.Do not take a cold shower right after exercising.


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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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