June 19, 2018






早餐:番薯粥 / 魚肉燒賣 / 炒米粉
午餐:苦瓜炒蛋飯 / 涼瓜牛肉飯 / 冬菇米+白灼生菜
晚餐:節瓜淮山薏米湯 / 涼拌萵筍 / 馬蹄蒸肉餅

War to save your summer appetite
For some people, figuring out what to eat each day is quite troubling especially during the hot and humid summer. When you’re sweating profusely, you probably don’t want to eat anything hot and just want a cold soda which leads to abdominal gas. After half a day of work, you still don’t have any appetite during lunch time. Some people choose to have salad or fruits as a meal to cool down and even feel like they have eaten less to help with dieting. But a month or two may past and you may notice you haven’t lost any weight but have gained instead?

From Chinese medicine perspective, eating cold and raw foods long term coupled with eating at irregular times adds burden and dampness to the spleen and stomach. This leads to poor appetite and fatigue.

Your spleen and stomach may be functioning poorly in the summer so aside from having rice water daily, you can also try ingredients that are bitter in taste and suitable during the summer to clear heat. These ingredients are effective to relieve summer heat, and they include bitter melon, lettuce, celery, cilantro, mint, chestnuts, grapefruit, almonds.

3 suggested meals for the summer
Breakfast: sweet potato congee/fish meat siu mai/stir fried rice noodle
Lunch: scrambled eggs with bitter melon/beef rice with bitter melon/mushroom rice with boiled lettuce
Dinner: Hairy gourd soup with Chinese yam and coix seeds/cool lettuce/steamed meatloaf with chestnuts

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