June 17, 2018




1. 避免在晚上吃糭,中午吃就最好,腸胃有足夠時間消化
2. 吃糭前1小時,先進食有助消化的水果,例如菠蘿、奇異果、木瓜等,又或者是含豐富纖維的水果如橙或柚子,加速腸胃蠕動
3. 每次吃糭的份量以半隻為限,以一般鹹肉粽大小計算
4. 吃糭後去公園散散步,有助消化
5. 喝一杯消滯茶療,有助脾胃消化


Emergency relief for feeling stuffed after eating rice dumplings
Today is the day for rice dumplings again, but a lot of you probably had a lot prior to this day and may be feeling stuffed already. Whether it’s the traditional cured meat rice dumplings or some new flavors, the main ingredient is likely still glutinous rice. From Chinese medicine perspective, glutinous rice is hot in nature, can replenish vital energy and strengthen qi, relieve diarrhea and excessive sweating. It can also warm the stomach, reduce night urination, but glutinous is sticky and heavy, so it is not suitable for those prone to abdominal bloating and gassiness. Those with sprains or chronic pain should avoid.
Here are some tips to prevent and relieve indigestion from eating rice dumplings, hope everyone has a great dragon boat festival today!
1. Avoid having rice dumplings at night, eating at noon is better to give your spleen and stomach enough time to digest.
2. Have fruits that aid digestion an hour before having rice dumplings. Examples are pineapples, kiwi, papaya or you can try fruits that are high in fiber such as orange or grapefruit to speed up movement of the spleen and stomach.
3. Looking at usual traditional rice dumplings size, don’t eat more than half each time.
4. Go have a walk in the park after eating rice dumplings to aid digestion.
5. Have a cup of indigestion healing tea to aid digestion.

Make this indigestion healing tea this morning and drink it anytime with your family!
Ingredients: 10g Lophatherum, 2-3 Corn Cob, 20g Malt, 20g Rice Sprouts, sugared winter melon to taste
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly, cook with 1000ml of water for 30 minutes.
Note: This tea contains malt which aids with weaning, and it’s not suitable for breastfeeding women.

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