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寒性蔬菜- 芽菜、馬蹄、番茄、白菜、白蘿蔔、菠菜

早:烚番薯 / 瑤柱小米粥 / 番茄湯米粉
午:銀魚仔蒸肉餅 / 咕嚕魚塊 / 絲瓜豆腐泡飯
晚:涼拌苦瓜 / 蒜蓉炒紅莧菜 / 粉葛紅蘿蔔綠豆湯

Summer Diet Pointers
It may not quite be time to eat rice dumplings yet, but you can definitely feel the heat in the air. Hot weather may decrease your appetite. You might crave for desserts and specialty drinks while you are out, and head straight to the fridge for a cold soda when you are home. You are thirsty and have dry mouth because you sweat too much in summer, resulting in loss of qi and fluid. You might try to cool down by eating many cold/raw food. Chinese medicine believes that ‘sweat is the heart’s fluid’. So it is important to calm your mind and avoid nourishing food in early summer.

Otherwise, skin allergies are prone to act up in summer. Appropriately consume ingredients that can clear heat and promote diuresis as well as avoid stimulating foods. No matter how hot it is, remember to eat three meals on time to protect spleen and stomach.

Foods to eat appropriately in the summer:
Seasonal melons and fruits- winter melon, watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, hairy gourd, luffa
Bitter- bitter melon, celery, lettuce, wolfberry leaves
Sour- pineapple, kiwi, hawthorn, lemon, passion fruit, mango
Heart nourishing ingredients- red beans, strawberries, red grapes, red date
Cold in nature- sprouts, water chestnuts, tomato, bak choy, white radish, spinach

Summer menu to strengthen the spleen and stomach and calm the mind
Breakfast: steamed sweet potato / dried scallops millet porridge / tomato soup rice noodles
Lunch: steamed meatloaf with ice fish / sweet and sour fish / tofu soup rice with luffa
Afternoon Tea: two types of fruits in a bowl, such as cherry tomatoes, cherries, strawberries, red grapes, etc.
Dinner: cold bitter melon / fried red amaranth with garlic / mung beans soup with carrot and kudzu

It is recommended to drink rice water at any time in the day to improve digestion and relieve water retention.

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