January 20, 2018




1. 閒時不妨飲一杯山楂茶,活血消脂又不怕長胖!
2. 一班朋友最佳的聚會活動當然是打邊爐,既暖身又易準備!
3. 出門前除謹記帶一頂帽子,擋風保暖又有型!

Great Cold Solar Term
Today is marks the last solar term of the year, great cold. Traditionally, this is also the coldest time of the year. Although today doesn’t feel that cold, those with yang deficient or asthenic body types should be sure to stay warm and don’t underestimate the cold! (The observatory is also predicting that it will cool down again next Wednesday.) It is important to strengthen the spleen throughout all seasons, those with yin deficient body types should not overly replenish. The cold may affect blood circulation and you can take a warm bath before bed time. People of all body types should have a daily cup of rice water to strengthen the spleen. Having a healthy stomach and spleen lead to healthy absorption of nutrients. With a healthy body, you would be less prone to any pathogens that may come with the cold!

Gentle reminders:
1. Try having a cup of chinese Hawthorne tea to aid fat burn!
2. Having hot pot during gatherings with friends- it’s warming and simple.
3. Bring a hat with you when going out to keep warm and stay in style.

Warm natured foods: fried rice water, glutinous rice, chives, pumpkin, chestnuts, chili peppers
Kidney nourishing foods: black rice, black beans, black sesame, wolfberries, walnuts.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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