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Relieving a sore throat with acupoints

“”You’re having a sore throat? It must be internal heat in your body!””
“”Eating some throat lozenges should help.””
“”Drink some honey water!””

These are the typical remedies people would suggest for sore throat. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, some sore throats are caused by excess internal heat or wind-heat. Other causes include yin deficiency and dryness. COVID-19 patients may also experience a sore throat due to heat-dampness. If you experience discomfort in your throat, it is recommended to consult a doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

To alleviate symptoms during recovery, adjusting your diet is crucial. This includes consuming light meals, avoiding rich and spicy foods, and abstaining from alcohol. Also, avoid consuming ingredients that are warm in nature like chicken, beef, lamb, and nuts. Applying pressure to specific acupoints can help increase blood circulation, promote internal heat elimination, and achieve a cooling effect.

Acupoint to relieve sore throat: Shao Shang Point
Location: the last section and the outer part of the thumb; approximately 1cm away from the nail
Effects: clears the mind, soothes the throat, relieves heat
How-to: disinfect a needle and poke the acupoint for bloodletting or massage it with thumb pulp gently for 20 seconds

Acupoint to relieve internal heat: Qu Chi Point
Location: the exterior of the elbow, on the lateral end of the transverse cubital crease
Effects: clears the heat and dispels wind in the body, cools the blood and relieves dryness
How-to: massage it with thumb pulp gently for 20 seconds

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