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How many types of shingles are there?

Also known as herpes zoster, this disease can bring different levels of pain depending on a person’s constitution. The more common types are damp-heat, phlegm-damp, and qi stagnation with blood stasis. Each type requires different treatment methods. If unfortunately afflicted, it’s best to seek timely medical attention and proper treatment, as the pain during this period can worsen one’s emotional state and aggravate the condition. It’s essential to strengthen the digestive system at this time to aid in recovery. Daily consumption of rice water made from a mixture of red rice, white rice, and coix seed is recommended. It is a mild diet that will not clash with other medicines and is safe to consume.

Damp-Heat Type:
Symptoms: Bright red blisters oozing or bleeding, localised burning sensation, dry mouth and thirst, restlessness, irritability, poor appetite.
Recommended Treatment: Clear dampness and alleviate pain.

Phlegm-Damp Type:
Symptoms: Pale red or yellow-white blisters, slight oozing, relatively mild pain, poor appetite or bloating after eating, loose stools.
Recommended Treatment: Resolve dampness and promote water metabolism.

Qi Stagnation with Blood Stasis Type:
Symptoms: Dark red blisters, not fully developed, persistent stabbing pain after blisters recede, restlessness, insomnia, tongue appears dark purple.
Recommended Treatment: Replenish qi, stimulate blood circulation, and dissolve stasis.

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