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What is the golden window for treating shingles?

If you experience unusual skin heat or stinging, or develop painful blisters, it’s important to seek medical attention promptly. The first 72 hours after symptoms appear is the golden window for treatment. Receiving antiviral medication during this time can help accelerate recovery and lower the risk of complications. Traditional Chinese medicine can also be used concurrently to address symptoms based on individual conditions. Following some lifestyle adjustments can help ease discomfort and aid in healing.

Care Tips:
⭕stick to a light diet with easy-to-digest and nutritious foods
⭕wear loose, soft and breathable clothing. Avoid rubbing the affected area to reduce the chance of blisters breaking out
⭕go to bed early, have enough sleep(before 11pm)
⭕keep your mood healthy and find ways to relieve stress
❌eating fried and spicy food
❌eating stimulating food such as eggplant, mushrooms, shellfish
❌eating tonic foods
❌water temperature is too high when taking a bath

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