September 6, 2023


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Indulging and not practicing restraint when sick?

Have you ever been sick but not avoided certain foods or kept to a lighter diet due to work, social commitments, or simply believe you can because of your usual good health? In fact, according to traditional Chinese medicine theory, lack of restraint and improper diet do great harm to the spleen and stomach. Frequent consumption of fatty, sweet, and rich foods during social engagements, combined with alcohol being a damp and heat-inducing substance, can easily lead to internal dampness, phlegm production, and excessive heatiness. This can immediately worsen symptoms such as sore throats and worsen skin conditions like eczema.

Chinese medicine practitioners often stress that one should control one’s diet when ill. Each medication has its own properties, which must be complemented by dietary considerations to adjust and restore the patient’s internal balance. When sick, one should stick to a light diet with easy-to-digest and nutritious foods such as porridge, steamed meat patties, and lightly prepared vegetables. Drinking warm water and rice water is beneficial and encouraged. Consuming moderate amounts of lemon water can supplement vitamin C. Avoid tonics (such as chicken soup, fish maw soup, and red date tea) and cold or raw foods such as salads, sushi, and fried and greasy foods, as they can worsen the course of the illness.

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