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單身生活可怕嗎?有人因為單身而感到空虛寂寞凍,所以找個對象但求「脫單」,但這樣的關係未必能長久,因為兩個人一起的寂寞,比一個人的孤單更可怕。近年有一個新興詞語叫「單身力」,是指我們獨處的能力,單身人士要學會享受獨處的時光,就算有伴侶生活的人,總不能一日24小時如「連體嬰」般生活,學會獨處能幫助個人成長,不會當對方缺席時便方寸大亂、失去自我。以下的「獨處成長挑戰表」,一般人去到Level 7已經相當厲害,如果你能挑戰更高Level,小編看到的不是孤獨,而是堅強而獨立的身影。

Level 1 一個人買餸
Level 2 一個人逛街
Level 3 一個人去Cafe
Level 4 一個人入戲院睇戲
Level 5 一個人唱K
Level 6 一個人吃韓燒
Level 7 一個人打邊爐
Level 8 一個人去酒店歎下午茶
Level 9 一個人吃米芝蓮三星法國菜
Level 10 一個人吃自助餐
Level 11 一個人行山
Level 12 一個人聽演唱會
Level 13 一個人去主題樂園
Level 14 一個人去郊野公園燒烤
Level 15 一個人去Staycation
Level 16 一個人去本地遊
Level 17 一個人打Overcooked
Level 18 一個人出埠旅行
Level 19 一個人搬屋
Level 20 一個人去做手術


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Living alone is not scary
Are you up for the challenge?

Is being single scary? Some people feel lonely from being single and find a partner just to fill the gap. But this type of relationship typically will not last as the combination of two people’s loneliness is worst than that of a single person. Recently, there is a popular term in Chinese that refer to someone’s ability to be alone, and single people learn to enjoy alone time. Even if you are in a relationship, you should not be joint at the hip 24 hours a day. Learning to be alone can help a person grow so that you will not be lost when your significant other is not around. Here is a list of challenges to test your ability to be on your own. It would be an achievement for individuals who have made it to Level 7. If you can attain a higher level, no one would dare to say you are lonely because you are one strong and independent person!

Challenge to test your ability to be on your own:
Level 1 Buy ingredients for cooking on your own
Level 2 Go shopping on your own
Level 3 Visit cafés on your own
Level 4 Watch movies in cinema on your own
Level 5 Go karaoke on your own
Level 6 Eat Korean BBQ on your own
Level 7 Eat hotpot on your own
Level 8 Enjoy afternoon tea in a hotel on your own
Level 9 Savour three-star French cuisine on your own
Level 10 Enjoy buffet on your own
Level 11 Go hiking on your own
Level 12 Attend concerts on your own
Level 13 Have fun in a theme park on your own
Level 14 Enjoy BBQ in a countryside recreational park on your own
Level 15 Go on a staycation on your own
Level 16 Travel locally on your own
Level 17 Play the ‘Overcooked’ video game on your own
Level 18 Travel out of city on your own
Level 19 Move to a new home on your own
Level 20 Go for surgery on your own

In life, we have to deal with a lot of things by ourselves. Sometimes it can be difficult at first, but when we gradually challenge ourselves, we will soon realize it might not be as tough as we imagined. It is important to de-stress appropriately when we are under a lot of pressure. Otherwise, the stress accumulated in our body can hurt the liver and will have an adverse impact on our health.

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