March 13, 2018

【CheckCheckMail – 壓力都會加重濕疹!】



EC:先不要胡思亂想,增加負面情緒。濕疹雖然不易斷尾,但治療重點始終是要注意飲食,尤其是發作期一定要忍口,避免喝酒及進食發物、油膩 、溫補、辛辣等刺激性食物,而且壓力也是其中一個主要刺激濕疹的成因,所以也不要給自己太多戒口的壓力!待病情穩定時,偶然破戒淺嘗還是可以的,千萬不用過分抑壓自己。另外可以每天飲用米水,有助身體多餘水分排出體外。

Stress can worsen eczema
It’s very stressful to have to worry about what I can and cannot eat when my eczema is acting up. I need to get a life!

EC: Don’t overthink the issue and add stress to your life. It’s hard to break from eczema but the treatment still stems from watching what you eat. When it acts up, you definitely have to control your diet, avoid alcohol, stimulating foods, oily, tonic, and spicy foods. Stress can worsen eczema too! When the situation is more stable, indulging every now and then and don’t overstress. Have a cup of daily rice water to help your body dispel water as needed.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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