June 12, 2020




1. 食太鹹會水腫,多吃甜也容易水腫

2. 遠離生冷食物

3. 小心高鈉湯底

4. 小心醬汁、加工、罐頭食物

5. 慎選涼果蜜餞


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Don’t fall into edema traps
Some people drink less water to prevent edema. This however leads to lack of water in the body, and the body cannot properly discharge accumulated sodium, which worsens edema. There are many causes of edema, and there are many edema traps in a daily diet. How much do you know?

1. Overly salty diet or eating too much sweets
Many people know that eating too salty will easily cause edema as the salt contains sodium, and sodium leaves fluid in the body that leads to edema. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, eating too much sweet foods will damage the spleen and stomach function. When the spleen is not functioning accordingly, the fluid naturally retains in the body and causes edema.

2. Cold/raw food
Cold/raw food refers to uncooked food or food below room temperature. Chinese medicine believes that cold/raw cold food will consume yang qi then hinder the transportation of spleen and stomach. The fluid naturally retains in the body and causes edema.

3. Soups that are high in sodium
Noodles with soup is a common meal choice. The soup base actually contains a lot of salt and MSG, an the sodium content is very high, so if you want to eat healthy, remember to drink less soup.

4. Sauces, processed, canned food
Processed foods such as sausages, ham, fish meat siu mai, and meatball, ready-made sauces such as shacha sauce, curry paste, etc., have a lot of salt and MSG in the production process. Canned foods are the same- high in sodium content and contain many additives. Eating too much will lead to edema. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, thick sauced food will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, causing fluid to stagnate in the body and cause edema.

5. Preserved fruit
Preserved fruit tastes sour and sweet, and it is very appetizing to eat. Many of them are made of fruits. Sounds healthy? However, a large amount of salt is used during production. The sodium content is very high. In order to enrich the taste, a lot of sugar is also added. It is better to stay away from the preserved fruit to prevent edema.

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