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Figure out your dampness index
As spring approaches, both the humidity and temperature will rise. Many people rush to dispel dampness by drinking tea or soup. However, people should not dispel dampness unless they really have dampness. Do you know what the symptoms are caused by dampness? Chinese medicine believes that the human body’s fluid metabolism system will discharge excess fluid wastes. If fluid does not run smoothly, it will stagnate moisture in the body, leading to the body will becoming wet. This leads to symptoms such as fatigue, sputum, edema and loose stool.

Wondering if you have dampness? See if you have the following symptoms during the last month?
☐White or yellow, damp and sticky tongue coating, similar to crushed tofu. A thin layer that is difficult to brush off.
☐Excessive facial oil and hair oil
☐Excessive phlegm and sticky feeling in mouth
☐Excessive and sticky sweat
☐Dizziness, tight chest
☐Poor appetite, feel full after eating little
☐Abdominal bloating after eating a little
☐Prone to edema, especially in the lower body
☐Fatigue, unenergetic, do not seem to have energy for anything.
☐Murky urination
☐Loose stool, require a lot of tissues to clean up, stool sticks to the toilet and difficult to flush
☐Rounded body shape
☐ Loose muscles
☐Poor sleep quality, feel tired even after 6-8 hours of adequate sleep.
☐Prone to drooling in your sleep
☐Ladies will have white or thick vaginal discharge with heavy odor

If you have 0-2 of above symptoms, congratulations! Your body is free from dampness, keep it up!
If you have 3-5 of above symptoms, your body is starting to be affected dampness. Pay attention to diet and dispel dampness properly.
If you have 6-10 of above symptoms, you have a typical phlegm and dampness body condition. You should do moderate exercise, eat and drink less cold/raw, drink soup that can strengthen spleen and dispel dampness, and promote spleen and stomach function.
If you have 11-16 of above symptoms, you have a serious dampness problem. Face the problem positively and strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness. Consult your registered Chinese medicine practitioner to regulate the body!

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