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Exercise according to your body type

A lot of people put in extra exercise sessions before summer to achieve the best summer body. Have you considered what type of exercise suits you best? There is not a single exercise that is the best but you should choose based on your body type. If you choose the wrong type of exercise, you may just tire yourself out. Chinese medicine healthy living promotes balance. You should feel good after exercising even if your body feel tired. The right type of exercise should use your physical energy but not weary of it.

How to choose exercise that is suitable for you? You have to know about your body type first. For example, those with qi and blood deficiency should not do intense exercise that leads too much sweating. Qi flows out with sweat, and when your body fluids flow out with sweat, your body becomes more asthenic and weak. Those with qi stagnation, damp heat, phlegm and dampness body types should do more intense exercise to regulate qi flow and de-stress, the dampness in your body can also be excreted via sweating.

Qi deficiency, blood deficiency or yang deficiency
Suitable: Low-intensity exercise, such as Tai Chi, walking, stretching, etc. Remember to go through the steps accordingly.

Yin deficiency
Suitable: Low-intensity exercise, such as Tai Chi, walking. Remember not to sweat too much. Drink water regularly.

Phlegm, damp heat, qi stagnation and blood stasis
Suitable: High-intensity exercise, such as swimming, rope skipping, ball games, gym, etc., Relieve liver qi through exercise. Sweating helps to dispel dampness.

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