May 14, 2019




第一招 小腿拉筋

第二招 收緊屁股

第三招 雜誌瘦腿

第四招 抬腿減小腹

– 坐久了就容易駝背,記得不時抬頭、挺胸、收腹,呼吸更多氧氣
– 不時站起來走動,伸個懶腰,伸展一下繃緊的肌肉
– 早一或兩個站下車,步行上班/回家
– 趁午餐時多散步
– 幾層樓的距離,用行樓梯代替搭電梯

Mini Exercises to do at work while seated

Exercising has a lot of benefits. For those busy urbanites who are strapped to the chair for long periods of time, then head home after work for simple dinners and then to bed, it is hard to find time for exercising. But do not give up! Sitting for too long can weaken your muscles. If you are limited by time and location, try to move within your constraints! Try out these 4 exercises at work.

Workout 1 Stretch your calves
Raise your foot off the floor, keep your knee straight and toes are upward for 10 seconds. Repeats on the other leg.

Workout 2 Buttocks squeezes
Hold the clench inward from the sides for 5 seconds, then relax the muscles. Repeat.

Workout 3 Clips a magazine on your knee to shape up your leg
Pick a thick magazine and place it between your knees and do not drop it to help exercise your leg muscles. If you want a more difficult challenge, you can try to squeeze a sheet of paper between the legs.

Workout 4 Leg raise
Sit at the edge of your chair and raise your feet off the floor. Your abs may feel tight. Then relax and repeat to exercise your abs.

Besides these 4 mini workouts in the office mentioned above, you can also maximize your active time with below.
– It is easy to hump back after sitting for a long time. Remember to look up, raise your chest, hold the abdomen, and breathe in more oxygen from time to time.
– Stand up and move around from time to time, stretch muscles that are tight.
– Get off one or two stops early, walk to work / go home.
– Take a walk at lunch time.
– Take the stairs instead of taking elevators for several floors.

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