June 29, 2019



生活忙碌的香港人分秒必爭,短短一小時的午飯時間已可處理不少事情,有人選擇飯後睡一睡,有人選擇飯後動一動,趁午飯時間與同事結伴做運動,做運動不一定到Gym Room,打開影音網站已有不少運動教學片,跟著做看似簡單但做落都辛苦的輕運動出少少汗,也是一種疏肝。

Chill out- Have an exercise session with your colleagues during lunch
Busy Hong Kong people have no time to lose. They can handle a lot of things in just one hour of lunch time. Some people choose to take a nap after having lunch, and others choose to have an exercise session with their colleagues during lunch. It does not have to happen in gym, you can even look at online videos to do some light but demanding exercises. Sweating a bit can be quite relaxing too!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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