June 28, 2019




Lychee soaked in salt will remove its heat-quality?
In the summer, colour and taste of seasonal fruits are very attractive, especially lychee. The crystal clear flesh has a strong sweet taste. It is not difficult to understand how lychee had made the imperial concubine Yang Guifei smiled. However, everyone has heard the saying “a lychee contains three fires”. Lychee is hot in nature. Eating too much lychee can lead to fire in the body. Those with heat-related body condition will have heat-related symptoms such as sore throat, phlegm and pimple. Therefore, there is a saying that soaking lychee in salt water before eating can reduce its heat qualities.
From a Chinese medicine perspective, salt can clear heat and cool the blood. However, the salt water can only slightly clear the body’s asthenic fire, not having that intended effect on lychee which is hot in nature. In fact, besides its hot nature, lychee can nourish blood, promote fluid production, regulate qi and relieve pain, making it especially suitable for those with cold body type, lack of fluid after illness, qi and blood deficiency and anemia to appropriately consume. But remember do not to eat lychee on an empty stomach. Adults should not eat more than 10 lychees every day, and children should not eat more than five lychees every day, to prevent from “Lychee disease” – low blood sugar after eating a large number of lychees on an empty stomach, causing dizziness and nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramps, low blood pressure and other symptoms.

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