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Can you break eating rituals towards end of pregnancy?

As you approach the last month of pregnancy, elderlies would suggest eating cold natured things like watermelon, grass jelly, ice cream etc breaking all normal eating rituals. The reason is that babies are hot and dry so ‘cooling’ down can aid delivery. Is it true? There is a theory that you should stick to cool natured things before delivery but Chinese medicine still emphasizes finding out your body type before making any changes as the body condition for each expecting mother can be different. Not all babies are hot prior to delivery and pregnant ladies with asthenic weak body types would not be suitable to have cold natured foods. Even for those expecting mom with hot natured body types we would only suggest eating cold natured foods once a week. If you have questions, it is best to consult with a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Without specific instructions from a practitioner, it is best to have mild natured foods towards end of pregnancy with a cup of rice water daily made with red and white rice and have mild natured soups. You can also do some appropriate aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming or prenatal yoga to give yourself necessary energy during delivery.

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