January 10, 2018




+ 排便困難,多伴嚴重怕冷、口淡、身體浮腫、容易疲倦(陽虛型)-》水蜜桃

+ 有便意但排便困難或便不清,多伴歎氣、腸鳴、放屁、腹脹痛(氣滯型)-》香蕉

+ 有便意但排便困難,用力則汗出氣短,多伴容易頭暈、面色偏白、呼吸不暢順、多汗(氣虛型)-》提子

+ 大便偏乾,多伴心悸、容易頭暈、疲倦、皮膚乾燥等 (血虛型)-》 櫻桃

+ 呈粒粒狀甚,多伴眼乾、口乾、皮膚乾、盜汗等(陰虛型)-》火龍果

To renew your body, detox is an inevitable part, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen easily for everyone. As your body accumulates toxins, it will affect your body weight and skin condition. To get a refreshing outlook in the new year, help yourself properly detox! For those with constipation, which type are you and what should you eat?

Fruits suitable for different types of constipation

Stool that is not dry and hard types
– difficulty passing stool, usually overweight, strong aversion to cold, tastelessness in mouth, bloated body, fatigue (yang deficient) -》peach

– with sensation to go but with difficulty passing stool and cannot completely pass everything. Usually accompanied by frequent sighing, intestine gurgling, farts, abdominal bloating and pain (qi stagnation) -》banana

– with sensation to go but difficulty passing stool, sweating and out of breath when you pushing. Usually accompanied by dizziness, pale complexion, breathing not smooth, and excessive sweating (qi deficient)-》grapes

Stool that is hard and dry types
– dry stool accompanied with heart palpitation, dizziness, fatigue, dry skin (blood asthenia) -》cherries

– lumpy stool accompanied by dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, night sweats (yin deficient) -》dragon fruit

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