January 9, 2018





The new year is here but I’m still alone and sometimes it can be quite depressing. Whenever I’m down, the headaches come and I can’t get a good night of sleep. Sometimes I even have dry mouth, bitter taste and loss of appetite. I haven’t even started to cry and my eyes are red, what’s happening?

Crying is a form of relief!
CheckCheckCin: in this new year, it might be good to help your emotions detox! When people are down, liver qi also become stagnated and lead to increase in liver fire and that’s when you will see the above symptoms. Sometimes it would be important to relieve the emotions and crying might be a good idea. Crying is also a way to help your body detox. Allow yourself a round of good crying tonight to release all the negativities and toxins and start fresh tomorrow!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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