May 13, 2018

【越來越無記性】 睡前總會想到很多重要的東西,但醒來一定記不起來。


約了朋友卻因忘記而爽約?出街忘記帶電話? 成日覺得自己好「大頭蝦」?你患的未必是提早腦退化,可能是壓力太大所致。壓力大會令人短期記憶變差,甚至變成「金魚記憶」,前一秒想做的事,下一秒就忘記得一乾二淨!從中醫角度,健忘其實與心、肝、脾、腎健康息息相關,隨著年齡漸長,「老人精虛腦漸空」,腎氣衰退,記憶也會相對退步,但是現代人年紀輕輕已因學習、工作及生活壓力影響,導致的神經衰弱多伴隨失眠、健忘、焦慮、心急煩躁、情緒大起大落等症狀。中醫理論認為「思傷脾」,即過多思慮會影響脾臟的正常運作,氣血化生受損不能濡養心神也會提早出現健忘症!閒時多養心安神,好好緩解壓力,多補益脾腎可改善你的初老健忘情況!

氣海穴 + 關元穴

Becoming forgetful when you’re still young?

Forgot had plans with friends? Left your phone at home? Always feeling a bit clumsy? Dimentia is not likely, perhaps you just have too much pressure. Intense pressure can cause someone have decreased short term memory and even forget what you were doing just a second ago. From Chinese medicine perspective, forgetfulness is closely related to your heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys. As you age, your kidney qi deteriorates and your memory won’t be as good. Modern people are affected at a young age by studies and work pressure, leading to weakened nervous system that is accompanied with insomnia, forgetfulness, anxiety and mood swings. Chinese medicine believes anxiety affects the functions of the spleen and your qi and blood cannot properly nourish your mind leading to forgetfulness. Try nourishing your mind and relieve your stress, and replenish your spleen and kidneys to improve your forgetfulness!

Two acupoints to improve forgetfulness
Qi Hai point and Guan Yuan point
Location: put your fingers together and place it below your belly button. The qi hai point is two fingers below and the guan yuan point is 4 fingers below. Use your palm to massage in clock wise direction for 30-50 times
Effects: replenish the kidneys, protect qi and yang, strengthen overall body health.
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