May 14, 2018

【辦公室減壓法 】壓力完全反映在身體狀況上


頭痛 – 開會前或做presentation前總會頭痛來襲,好像有個金剛圈緊箍著你個頭
肚痛 – 頻繁肚瀉,令你常常在座位與廁所之間來來回回
肌肉痛 – 明明沒有扭傷,卻出現背痛、腰痛
甩頭髮 – 掉頭髮量比平常多,甚至有局部脫髮的情況
增磅 – 不自覺地吃多了,或者偏向喜歡食垃圾食物

1. 儲糧

2. 製作專屬音樂Playlist

3. 枱頭種植物

4. 飲用疏肝解鬱花茶


A lot of people would agree work is the main source of stress. The long hours, work loads, lack of satisfaction, and relations with coworkers can create alarm bells in your body, do you have any of the below conditions?

Headaches- they always happen before a big presentation or important meeting and feels like a band tightly wrapped around your head.
Abdominal pain- frequent diarrhea leading you to go back and forth between your seat and the bathroom
Muscle pain- you did not injure yourself but have back pains
Hair loss- more than usual and is affecting specific areas
Weight gain- you gained weight without knowing or sudden crave more junk food

Working people need to learn to destress, here are four way to do that in the office starting today!

1. Stock up on snacks
Have some healthy snacks in your drawer and nuts would be a good choice. But those with sore throat or acne should not have too much of it!
2. Make a music playlist
Take time during holidays to make a 1-2 hour long playlist for work. Fast beat happy tunes can keep up your work morale!
3. Put a plant on your desk
Are you constantly staring at a computer screen? Looking at something green can relieve eye fatigue, try planting something green!
4. Have a floral tea to destress
Work can be quite stressful, try making this flower of fingered citron tea with honey to relieve stress.

Ingredients: a bit of rose, flower of fingered citron, honey
Put the rose and flower of fingered citron in a thermos, and rinse with hot water then discard the water. Add in hot water and steep for 5 minutes. When the water is warm, add in small amount of honey. This tea can be rebrewed 3-4 times until it’s flavor weakens.

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