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奄仔 — 3個月大、未經交配的雌青蟹,全身充滿青春期成熟的脂膏。
重皮蟹 — 奄仔蟹需要經過數次褪殼成長,新殼未硬還藏在舊殼內就是重皮蟹。
軟殼蟹 — 重皮蟹當外殼脫掉,內裡的軟殼還沒長硬便是軟殼蟹。
水蟹 — 軟殼蟹吸滿水份,當新殼變硬時,是為水蟹。
肉蟹 — 長肉後的雄性水蟹成為肉蟹。
膏蟹 — 成長後的雌性水蟹成為膏蟹。
黃油蟹 — 成熟的膏蟹產卵時喜歡爬到淺灘曬太陽,蟹膏受熱溶化流滿全身,成為黃油蟹。
大閘蟹 — 正值繁殖期的中華絨蟄蟹,豐富的蟹膏來自蟹的性腺,蟹乸的卵巢和卵細胞呈橙紅色,即紅膏;蟹公的精囊及精液呈乳白色半透明果凍狀,俗稱白膏。





Smarter ways to eat crab
Autumn is a good season to have crab. In addition to the seasonal hairy crab, young mud crab, female mud crab, male mud crab, yellow butter crab are also popular. Many people think that they are different species. In fact, they all are mud swimming crab but in different growth stages!

Young mud crab- 3-month-old, immature female mud crab that is full of crab butter.
Double-shelled crab- The young mud crab need to be shelled several times. They become double-shelled crab with new shells are not hard and hidden in the old shell.
Soft-shell crab- The double-shelled crabs are soft shell crabs when the outer shell is taken off and the soft shell inside has not yet harden.
Water crab- When soft-shell crabs are full of water and the new shell becomes hard, they become water crab.
Mud crab (male) – when male water crabs matures and is full of meat
Mud crab (female)- when female water crabs mature and is full of butter
Yellow butter crab- Mature female mud crabs like to climb to the shallow beaches to sunbathe when they lay their eggs. The crab butter is melted by heat and the crab become the yellow butter crab.
Hairy crabs- the breeding season for Chinese mitten crab. The rich crab butter comes from the gonads of crabs. The ovaries and egg cells of female crabs are orange-red, which is red cream. The seminal vesicles and semen of male crabs are milky white translucent jelly, commonly known as white butter.

As for the hairy crabs that make crabs fans crazy, the variety is Chinese mitten crab, and the autumn and winter are when the crabs are breeding, so the body is full of crab butter. Remember to take out the coldest part of the crab which is in the center of the crab and hexagon-shaped. Have the crab with ginger vinegar. Vinegar is warm in nature and can stimulate appetite, promote blood circulation, and detoxify the toxins from the crab and fish. It can reduce the coldness of the crab and relieve any stomach discomfort after eating them. Avoid eating foods with high tannins such as persimmon, hawthorn, orange, plum, peach, as that may cause symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.

No matter which species or stage of crab, from Chinese medicine perspective, they are cold in nature, they can clear heat, dispel blood stasis, open up meridian. Those with qi stagnation, blood stasis and damp heat can appropriately consume. Many people are prone to diarrhea after eating crabs due to the cold nature of the crabs. Therefore, those with asthenic and cold body constitution, cold limbs, asthenic and cold spleen and stomach, prone to diarrhea and abdominal bloating, pregnant, in confinement month and menstruation should avoid eating. Those with high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease should not eat crabs too. Crabs is a wind stimulating food, easy to permeate or worsen the symptoms of skin sores, skin allergies, eczema. It is especially not suitable for those with hives.

In order to reduce the cold nature of crabs, in addition to adding warm and hot-natured ingredients such as ginger, spring onions, garlic. You can drink a cup of ginger tea with brown sugar to warm the stomach and dispel cold after the meal.

Ginger tea with brown sugar
Effects: dispels cold and warms the stomach
Ingredients: 10 slices of ginger, appropriate amounts of brown sugar
Preparation: Boil about 800ml water then add in ginger slices. Turn to medium heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add brown sugar to taste until they melt.

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