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Keep a healthy kidney to avoid being chicken
EC, I’m scared of everything and my heart jumps at the smallest things, is being chicken something that can be fixed?

CheckCheckCin: Everyone has fears, some people are afraid of birds, others bugs, for some there might be unimaginable fears, but if these fears effect daily and regular social life, then it is something that should be addressed! From Chinese medicine perspective, fear can hurt the kidneys. If you have deficient kidney qi, it can also worsen your fears. Those with asthenic kidney may experience forgetfulness, irritability and insomnia, fatigue, and night sweats.

To improve the situation, try to talk to yourself logically to understand your fears have no grounds to overcome them. You can also replenish your kidney qi by eating black colored foods such as black sesame, black beans, black rice, black date, and sea cucumber.

You can also warm compress your lower back area to strengthen your kidneys. Kidney Shu and Ming Men acupuncture points are both in the lower back. Warm compressing them regularly can strengthen your overall health and improve immunity.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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