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– 疏肝氣,健脾胃
– 給自己合理的時間走出傷痛,例如半年
– 找好友吐苦水
– 做令自己舒服的事,例如寫作、運動、聽音樂
– 自己去旅行,重新認識自己
– 裝備自己,迎接下一站幸福


Take care of your liver and spleen when you’re broken hearted
When you just look out of it, have pale complexion and messy hair, and suddenly lost a lot of weight, it is easy to guess that you likely had a breakup! When you’re always worrying, it can hurt the spleen and spleen is very important part of your body. Breaking up can already cause you to lose your appetite and an asthenic and weak spleen can negatively affect nutrient absorption. Spleen qi deficiency also can affect the liver so a lot broken hearted people tend to have spleen deficiency and stagnated livers. This can lead to yellowish complexion and even freckles. Get over your break up and stop letting yourself wither!
Ways to treat your broken heart:
– relieve stagnated liver qi, and strengthen the stomach
– Give yourself a timeline to walk out of the pain, perhaps half a year
– Find a friend to vent
– Find something comforting to do, such as writing, exercising or listening to music
– Go on a solo vacation and get to know yourself again
– Prepare yourself for future happiness

Healing tea to strengthen the spleen and improve your mood
Rose tea with dried citrus peel
Ingredients: 4-5 rose, 1 dried citrus peel
Preparation: steep in hot water for 10 minutes
For best results, drink the tea 2-3 times in a week. Note those with asthenic qi and blood or those who are pregnant should drink with caution.

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