August 24, 2019



有沒有看過《花生漫畫》?當中的小男孩Linus不論去到哪裏都要帶著他的藍色毛毯,才會有安全感,因此也被人稱為安全毯(Security Blanket),其實是一種讓人有安全感的慰籍物(Comfort objects),很多時是源於小時候對父母的依賴,投射地感覺這物件可帶來安慰,緩解焦慮和不安。有些人的慰籍物可能是從小玩到大的毛公仔,也有不少人如Linus一樣,是一張被子,它可能是小時候伴著你入睡的被子,又或是一張質感軟綿綿的毛毯,只要抱著、蓋著又或是捏著它,都可令人感到治癒及安全,更聽說過有朋友甚至是不願意洗被子,覺得要有自己的味道才有安全感!每次抱著臭被窩在梳化裡懶洋洋地煲劇,實在是感覺疏肝非常,你又有沒有一張屬於自己的「臭被」?

Chill out- binge watch your show with your favourite blanket
Have you read the Peanuts comics? The little boy Linus takes his blue blanket wherever he goes to have a sense of security. This is widely known also known as Security Blanket, which is usually provides comfort. It often derived from the dependence of parents on their childhood, projecting onto this object to bring comfort to relieve anxiety. Some people’s comfort object is a stuffed toy, and many people like Linus, has a security blanket. It may be a quilt that accompanied you to fall asleep since your childhood, or a soft blanket. As long as you hold, cover, or pinch it, you feel better and secure. You may have heard that some friends who are even unwilling to wash the quilt. They feel that it has their own odor that can have a sense of security! When people hold a smelly quilt and be a couch potato, it is really relaxing. Do you have your own “smelly blanket”?

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