December 15, 2018




1. 在被窩裡換衫

2. 用冰凍腳掌貼著自己大腿

3. 用風筒把要換的衣物吹暖

4. 放假沒事的話不下床

Four ways to keep warm in the winter

The Hong Kong winter is not long but the recent extreme weather systems may bring sudden low temperatures. Without heater, it could feel as cold as snowy places like Japan. Humans do not hibernate but many of us may want to hide in our blankets during cold days. Here are four ways to keep warm.

1. Change inside the blanket
Leaving your warm bed in the morning to get ready might be difficult. Try putting your clothes for the next day next to your bed and change in your bed the next morning to extend the coziness.

2. Warm your feet with your thighs
Sometimes no matter how many layers you put on, you still feel cold. The quickest way to warm your feet would be to press the palm of your feet to your thighs. It may feel harsh at first but it is highly effective! If you have significant other, try his or her thigh!

3. Warm your clothes with a hair dryer
No matter how warm you might be, your body temperature will drop when you put on a cold shirt. Spend sometime to warm your clothes with a hair dryer before putting them on.

4. Stay in bed on holidays
During cold days, don’t stay too long outside your blanket! Aside from going to the bathroom, you can stay cozy in your blanket and binge watch your favourite show, play video games, be on your phone, read, eat, and hibernate.

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