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– 貼藥時間約1至2小時,小孩及皮膚較薄人士可縮短至半小時至1小時,當皮膚微微發熱即可撕去。
– 天灸療法一般以連續做三年更為有效。
– 貼藥當日不宜沖冷水浴,撕掉藥貼後2小時才宜洗澡。
– 貼藥當日忌吃生冷、凍飲、辛辣、肥甘厚膩、生痰助濕以及蝦、牛肉、鵝肉、韭菜、花生等易致敏發物。
– 貼藥當日避免直接吹冷氣,宜多休息,放鬆心情。

Is San Fu Tian-Jiu treatment suitable for everyone?

“A friend told me to get San Fu Tian-Jiu treatments this summer. She said it can help me get better if I am sick and if not, improve my immunity. Is it true?”

CheckCheckCin: San Fu Tian-Jiu therapy is a health wisdom passed down by Chinese medicine. The practice is to apply the Chinese medicine formula paste to the corresponding acupoints on hot days. San Fu Tian-Jiu treatments are mainly done on the hottest days of the year. The days of this year are July 12 (initial), July 22 (middle) and August 12 (end). These days are richest in yang qi, the skin texture of the human body is completely opened, and the application of the paste is more likely to penetrate the skin and go through the meridian, qi and blood directly to dispel pathogens to relieve frequent occurrence of flus to achieve the effect of “healing winter disease during summer.”
The treatment herbs mainly are spicy and hot in nature to strengthen yang. They can promote qi and activate blood,
improve yang qi, and regulate organs. Therefore, it is particularly effective for debilitating diseases such as nasal allergy , respiratory allergies, asthma and easy to get cold. The position of the San Fu Tian-Jiu paste varies for people. The Chinese medicine practitioner will select a specific acupoint application according to the patient’s body condition and the problem that he wants to improve, generally the back, abdomen and limbs.
San Fu Tian-Jiu paste can improve immunity, but not suitable for all people with asthenic body conditions. It is not suitable for those with yin deficiency and hyperactivity in the liver yang, those with heat-related body condition, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, sensitive skin, pregnant women, Breastfeeding women, cold and fever , G6PD and children under two years-old.

Note on San Fu Tian-Jiu treatments:
– It takes about 1 to 2 hours. For children and those with thinner skin can be shortened to half an hour to an hour. When the skin is slightly warm, it can be removed.
– It is generally more effective to do for three consecutive years.
– It is not recommended to take a cold bath on the day of the patching. It is suggested to take a bath for 2 hours after the pastes is removed.
– On the day of patching, avoid eating cold/raw, cold drinks, spicy, oily and fatty, food that create phlegm and increase dampness, as well as shrimp, beef, goose, leeks, peanuts and other allergy stimulating food.
– Avoid stay near air condition on the patch day. Rest and relax.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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